The Untethered Soul

When is the last time you asked for a book recommendation? I don’t mind sharing a title I recently read, which still has me on an intellectual high. Every now and again I’ll have a conversation with someone who is curious about my work as a therapist. This book captures the essence of my work … More The Untethered Soul

Tracking Your Mental Fitness (featured article)

May is Mental Health Awareness month. You’re invited to check out my thoughts with The BossMann Magazine and their May 2019 issue (page 22) on how to achieve Mental Fitness, just in time for summer. *With expressed consent from BossMann magazine, the following manuscript is directly abstracted from the BossMann magazine print publication, May edition.    … More Tracking Your Mental Fitness (featured article)

7 Things I Learned from My Journey to the African Motherland

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Ghana, Africa for several days. I explored three major cities, including Accra, Kumasi, and Cape Coast. This adventure was reflective in that I was able to think about my role as a Black man in America, insightful in that I was able to shatter many myths and … More 7 Things I Learned from My Journey to the African Motherland

45,000 Too Many

Suicide is the 10thleading cause of death in the United States, and the second leading cause of death among individuals between the ages of 10 and 34. 1 To be exact, approximately 45,000 people in the United States are documented to have ended their lives in 2016. 2  This number is likely to rise even higher … More 45,000 Too Many