The Untethered Soul

untethered soul

When is the last time you asked for a book recommendation? I don’t mind sharing a title I recently read, which still has me on an intellectual high. Every now and again I’ll have a conversation with someone who is curious about my work as a therapist. This book captures the essence of my work as a therapist, particularly highlighting issues and topics that are commonly addressed in therapy. A significant part of therapy includes allowing a person to further insight into how they think, act, overcome challenges, and relate to others. This book addresses all of these processes by allowing the reader to identify how as individuals, we can obstruct our own paths, stunt our own growth, and stifle important relationships— all in an effort to hold on to “stuff” that could be released, unleashed, or even untethered. The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer (2007) is a book I highly recommend if you are interested in challenging yourself to exist on a higher level, live more meaningfully, and love more freely. This is a book I will definitely find myself reading again, maybe even twice.

2 thoughts on “The Untethered Soul

  1. This is a really good book. It was recommended by my sister and I really enjoyed it. I found that it placed full responsibility on the individual to take control of their experiences and not let everything be driven by others. I will certainly read it again.


    1. I agree that the book challenges readers to not blame others, but instead to really look at how one’s mindset and actions impact the self. I also really loved the concept of “unblocking” and creating smooth channels of energy by not holding on to things like guilt, anger, grudges, etc. So much easier said than done, but worth the effort.


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